Report on the Re-establishment of Sexual Offences Courts

Re-establishment of Sexual Offences CourtsIt is globally accepted that victims of sexual offences encompass a particularly vulnerable and marginalized group that constitutes women, children, older persons, LGBTI persons and persons with disabilities. These victims have special needs that translate into specialized infrastructural requirements that can no longer be overlooked.

Sadly to note, the scourge of sexual violence in South Africa has hyped up to inconceivable levels that inevitably placed our country in the spotlight of the international community. The frequent media reports of rape cases perpetrated- particularly against vulnerable children, elderly and lesbians continue to make a demand for the immediate and robust intervention actions that can easily filter down to the woman and child in the streets. The time for this action is now, and it is with this spirit that the Minister of Justice and Constitutional Development (the Minister) established the Ministerial Advisory Task Team on the Adjudication of Sexual Offences Matters (MATTSO) to investigate the viability of the re-establishment of Sexual Offences Courts in South Africa.

Almost a year has passed since the Minister mandated us (MATTSO) to look into the Sexual Offences Courts. This was a task that we took with utmost earnestness and devotion to ensure that the results are nothing, but the true reflection of our commitment to the cause of victims of sexual offences.

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